What exactly is the International Math Bee?

What exactly is the International Math Bee?

Not sure what the International Math Bee is all about? Have a look at this short video to find out!

The FREE International Math Bee (IMB) is available to all schools in many countries!!! Correlated to the New Academic Standards (USA) for 1st – 6th grades. During 2020, the platform was fully revamped to address today’s more challenging standards for elementary school children. Brand new tracking and reporting systems have been installed so educators may closely monitor and assess each student’s progress. The new Team technologies capture not only individual but group performance features.

Research-based and Classroom Proven The first study was finished in 2004 as part of a doctoral dissertation. Urban, suburban and rural schools with grades 1- 6 were included. Overwhelmingly, statistically significant improvement occurred with every group of students within the study. View or download The Complete Research Study Since that first study, thousands of students in classrooms have excelled in math by using this game.

FREE to use for your school. The basic version is available free of charge to all schools worldwide. An unlimited number of classrooms and students may participate in the online tournament at no cost. Additional enhancements are available as schools enlist sponsors and donors.

No-effort fund-raising for your school. Private donors can just click on the website and donate their tax-deductible donations. Donations will go directly to your school account with no records for the school to maintain. Also, business sponsors in your neighborhood (the USA only) will be contacted by the IMB. Schools that are already enrolled may get sponsor requests from local businesses through the IMB website. Schools may accept or decline the sponsorship, based on their local school policy.

Don’t miss out!! Get signed up today. GET ON THE BALL TODAY with the FREE version of BatterUp and the IMB You may even want to solicit your own donors and sponsors for the enhancement upgrades. Enhancement upgrades include things like added reporting, more scoreboards, additional certificates, and extra surprises to be introduced during the tournament year.

Widely used and growing quickly

42 US States

14 foreign countries

Tens of thousands of student participants

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