Summer Math Camp Platform

Students can begin participating in the math camp by logging in with the username and password you created for them during registration. You can always revisit this information from your parent portal. 

Batter Up Log In Link

Student Portal 


All campers should start by clicking “Build” on the bottom left of their student portal to play the Build-A-Batter app. Here, students design their baseball cards which show the campers’ stats, and are displayed on the baseball card page. After saving their baseball card, they can click the BACK button in the top left of the screen to return to the main student portal page.

Batter Up Game

Batter Up is the name of the game! It’s baseball-themed, and one game consists of nine full innings. When the game begins, a baseball field appears with a pitcher on the mound. There are five baseballs on the top left corner, one for each math fact pitched during an inning. Students click the spacebar to throw the pitch. Students have a certain amount of time to answer each pitch before the timeline runs out. If the student answers the pitch correctly, a star will appear over the baseball and move onto the next pitch automatically. If the math fact is answered incorrectly, students get two more tries to answer correctly before an X shows over the baseball and moves onto the following math fact. Suppose a student answers any of the facts incorrectly but still has time remaining on the timeline after answering all five math facts. In that case, they will have another opportunity to answer the incorrect facts correctly. 

Campers must play through all nine innings to have their batting average calculated. If a student logs out before finishing the full nine innings, their score will not be calculated. After playing all 9 innings, students should click the EXIT button to see their new batting average on the scoreboard before playing another game.


The Scoreboard can be found in the student portal and is updated in real-time. Each time a student completes the full nine-inning game in Batter Up, their scoreboard will automatically update their new batting average and ranking. 

Student Summer Camp Batting Averages
Left: Summer Camp Menu. Right: Summer Camp Scoreboard

The scoreboard shows the rankings of all math camp participants in the same grade. Students can toggle through the math modes by clicking the icons in the top middle of the screen. 

Good luck to all our summer math campers! We hope you have a blast competing against your fellow grade mates across the country and most of all, that you hit the ball out of the park with learning your basic math facts!!!

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