Summer Math Camp 2021

Summer Math Camp 2021

Welcome to the very first edition of the International Math Bee Summer Camp.

We are just days away from getting the camp underway but we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and let you know a little more about us and what drives our non-profit to continue serving children in our communities.

Our vision is for every student to make individual learning advancements in math. 

For this reason, the International Math Bee (IMB), previously the National Math Bee, created a researched-based, classroom-proven integrated learning platform that supports primary students in the foundational learning of math facts

The IMB has been offering our instructive contest-based platform Batter Up to elementary schools as an alternative, fun, and effective way for students to practice the basic math operations for more than two decades. Students in first and second grade can practice addition and subtraction, students in third and fourth grade can access all four math modes, while fifth and sixth graders can practice multiplication, and division.

Elementary students who master fact fluency and automaticity of math facts in their early years will be more successful at tackling more advanced math concepts. Students who do not master fact fluency have to work harder and often become frustrated and develop a negative relationship with math or dislike it altogether. Mastering fact fluency is what leads to the automaticity of math facts and because the two together are one of the most significant indicators of a child’s future success in math classes, children need to be encouraged to practice throughout the summer so that students can begin the next course ready to take on a more advanced math curriculum.

We know how hard teachers and parents have been working throughout the school year to teach their students essential concepts and strategies which help them build and master fact fluency. This school year has been challenging for students, parents, and teachers and the last thing we want is for students to stress about math moving forward. For this reason, we have decided to open up our platform to host its very first Summer Math Camp.

Summer Math Camp will be hosted on our platform to serve students in building and maintaining a strong math foundation throughout the summer using a game-based approach. The platform challenges students through multi-level math facts while tracking their success.

The main objectives of the Batter Up platform 

  • Help students master the automaticity of math facts
  • Increase speed and accuracy of student responses in the primary math operations
  • Enhance the child’s memory and promote the ability to recognize mathematical patterns to find solutions quickly
  • Help students process information at higher levels with more ease
  • Instill “fun with math” for elementary school children and help eliminate “fear of math” 
  • Build math confidence in every child

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to send us an email at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

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