State Phase 2021

State Phase 2021


Week One Of The State Phase Has Finished!

March 7th – March 27th

IMBT Teams

IMB Students

IMB Schools

To see the stats and rankings during the state phase, all participants should log in and click on the MY STATS button.  On the upper left hand corner, there is a button to open the tournament menu.

Students can click on each of the phases to see where they rank within that phase. The classroom phase finished on March 6th at midnight. Student rankings were frozen on the Classroom phase tab. 


Students can also click on the National and International phase tabs to see where they would rank if we were competing at in those phases. 

Students can also check out the baseball card menu and see where they rank among all students participating in this year’s IMB programs, regardless if it is the Tournament or the Independent Competition. 

*NOTE: There are no official placements for the rankings on the baseball card tab.

Informational Video For Parents and Teachers

Parents register the same way teachers do. Students not competing with their school should NOT CREATE A TEAM.