Week 5 State Phase Rankings and Statistics

Week 5 State Phase Rankings and Statistics

Here we go! BatterUp!

Week 5 State Phase Statistics and Rankings are in!

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Week 5 State Phase -Post update on Monday, April 6, 2020. (Addition Stats)

How are you doing teaching your lessons from home? You are a week or two into it now, and you must have some tips under your belts. We’d love to hear from you first hand. If you haven’t already, read our last blog post, “Chronicles of a real teacher virtually home schooling your kids.”

During times like these, it’s nice to be able to vent and share with fellow parents and teachers stuck at home. Undoubtedly, we’d love to hear your parent chronicles to share on the NMB blog. Give us a shout if you are interested.

Week 5 State Phase statistics and ranking are found below.

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Players highlighted in blue have met the ten game minimum

Overall Tournament Stats
Week 5

Number of Students Participating

Number of Students Who Have Played At Least One Inning

Number of Innings Played

Number of States Participating

Number of Participating Countries

Batting Average Rankings by Grade and State

Week 4 State Phase Statistics and Rankings , Batter Up, National Math Bee, CompuSage

Batter Up!

National Math Bee
Things to remember...

*NOTE: The tournament tab DOES NOT filter the 10 full game rule at the end of the State Phase

*NOTE: NO EXCEPTIONS to the 10 game minimum rule. If your child is in first place on the tournament tab but didn’t complete the 10 full games, they will not be awarded the State Phase certificate! Weekly stats are sent out which include the game count for each math mode. CHECK THEM!

*NOTE: On May 20 at midnight, the National Phase ends. All player stats will be downloaded and saved. On May 25, all players who didn’t reach the 20 game minimum in any math mode will have their BA will be cleared so that the tournament tab shows the CORRECT ORDER for the finalists receiving certificates.

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