State Phase – Week 1

State Phase – Week 1


Well done! The first round of stats and rankings for the state phase are in! Let’s see where your students ranked.

In the state phase, students are ranked by STATE/GRADE/DESCENDING BATTING AVERAGE. So the highest Batting Average in each State/Grade/MathMode is the top player of the week.

Questions about who you are competing against?!?!?

It’s possible that your child or students are still competing against other students from their school.

It’s also possible that there may not be other students signed up in your state, or there are but they simply haven’t played any innings of Batter Up yet. Hang in there!

This is why we work our way up to the final round, the national phase, where all students in the same grade across the country compete against one another.

We will be publishing a list of Player IDs that have not played any games yet. If you check out the STATS, there are 3,436 participants signed up but only 1,907 have played at least one inning! AH!!! We hope to see those participants join in soon!

Emily Bowman
National Math Bee

Number of Students Participating


Number of Students Who Have Played At Least One Inning


Number of Innings Played


Number of States Participating


Number of Participating Countries



Click on the buttons below to download the PDF copies of the Week 1 – State Phase rankings for the National Math Bee tournament.


Week 4 State Phase Statistics and Rankings , Batter Up, National Math Bee, CompuSage

Batter Up!

National Math Bee


Things to review...

*NOTE: The tournament tab DOES NOT filter the 10 full game rule at the end of the State Phase

*NOTE: NO EXCEPTIONS to the 10 game minimum rule. If your child is in first place on the tournament tab but didn’t complete the 10 full games, they will not be awarded the State Phase certificate! Weekly stats are sent out which include the game count for each math mode. CHECK THEM!

*NOTE:  On May 20th at midnight, the National Phase ends. All player stats will be downloaded and saved. On May 25th, all players who didn’t reach the 20 game minimum in any math mode will have their BA will be cleared so that the tournament tab shows the CORRECT ORDER for the finalists receiving certificates.

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