The Common Core Standards Debate

In this week’s post, we are taking a look at the controversial Common Core Standards a decade after its implementation and the debate surrounding it. We would love to know what your thoughts are on the subject.

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Play and Learn

National Math Bee takes pride in incorporating learning with fun and with that in mind we put together fun and educational toys for this Black Friday and holiday season. Let's turn every opportunity into a learning experience!

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Kindness Everyday
Kindness Everyday

Kindness Everyday

At National Math Bee, we truly believe in the strength of kindness and the power of one small yet never insignificant act. We also believe in the importance of integral growth as an imperative part of any educational program and are convinced that kindness is the most important foundation for this. Please read on for educational tips on consciously teaching kindness.

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BatterUp Batting Averages – how it works!

The online National Math Bee tournament uses our Batter Up platform to test students' speed and accuracy in the four basic math modes, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The Batter Up tournament points system was developed and tested in the study "Automaticity of Basic Math Facts With a D&P ILS Using Various Grouping Combinations in Elementary School Classrooms" by Dr. S. David Vaillancourt.

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