National Math Bee wishes you and yours a heartfelt and plentiful Thanksgiving

National Math Bee wishes you and yours a heartfelt and plentiful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just two days away! This celebration happens to be Buzz Bee’s favorite holiday of the year because it’s the first holiday of this festive season that focuses on thankfulness and giving back. Thanksgiving is extra special because it brings families together. The National Math Bee family is grateful for you! as well as for our wonderful community of parents, educators, and students. National Math Bee wishes you and yours a heartfelt and plentiful thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving comes again!

Orchards have shared thier treasures,

The fields thier yellow grain,

so open wider the doorway-

Thanksgiving comes again!


Let’s make sure Thanksgiving is about family fun and togetherness

National Math Bee takes pride in transforming every opportunity into a wholesome experience, with that in mind we have gathered some fun games for you to enjoy with family and loved ones. In this collection, we have included a few classics, a few ginormous and a few novel games. These games involve all age groups and are sure to bring you altogether during the holidays. Please take a look at the links below, they were chosen with family fun in mind. 

The count down for the 2020 National Math Bee has begun!

Thanksgiving also kicks off the countdown for the 2020 National Math Bee!!!! There are six weeks left till the 2020 National Math Bee tournament begins and we are ecstatic to see the registration numbers piling up! We now have over 500 players ready to take a swing at Batter Up. We are so excited for what is to come this following year and cannot wait to see who will take home certificates in 2020 as well as Buzz Bee recognitions for most innings played!

National Math Bee wishes you and yours a heartfelt and plentiful thanksgiving.!!!

Kind Regards,

Buzz Bee

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Don’t forget to pre-register for the 2020 tournament!!

The National Math Bee’s math game Batter Up is a fun, exciting and extremely effective tool to help elementary students achieve extraordinary levels of speed and accuracy with their math skills. The online math tournament is directed at students in first through sixth grade who can compete in any or all of the four basic math categories: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Pre-registration is up and ongoing for the coming 2020 tournament which kicks off on January 6th, if you haven’t already, please be sure to take the time to sign up. Students can begin practicing as soon as they are set up and registered. If you need help with this process, please do not hesitate to contact Buzz Bee. We love hearing from you!

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