National Math Bee Holiday Survival Guide.

National Math Bee Holiday Survival Guide.

Happy Tuesday National Math Bee family!!! School is almost out for the winter and our next challenge arises. What to do with our young ones over the holidays? Below is the National Math Bee holiday survival guide for keeping our young ones busy and stimulated throughout the Christmas vacations.

Practice for the National Math Bee!

What better way to spend the holidays than honing in on Math Skills playing Batter Up! Registration is up and ongoing for the coming 2020 tournament. The National Math Bee kicks off on January 6th. If you haven’t already, please be sure to take the time to sign up. Students can begin practicing as soon as they are set up and registered. If you need help with this process, please do not hesitate to contact Buzz Bee. We love hearing from you!

Be thoughtful with gifts.

Select gifts, specifically toys, and games with learning in mind! Gifts should be both entertaining and fun, created and gifted to help further our children’s development. At National Math Bee we take pride in incorporating learning with fun and turning every opportunity into an educational experience. Christmastime is the opportune moment to take advantage and gift educational experiences. Please take a look at our blog post on top recommended toys to play and learn

Give the gift of responsibility.

Children thrive off routine. Give them daily chores and tasks that they alone are in charge of and watch how they thrive and assume the responsibility. Responsibilities should always be age-appropriate.

Allow them to be bored.

You are not their clown or task provider. In the depths of boredom, creativity will blossom.

Allow them to get dirty.

Children learn by getting their hands dirty and experimenting with the world around them. Let’s allow them the time they need to use their creativity to experiment and make conclusions about the world.

Make sure to not overstimulate children.

Excess sugar, toys, and lights everywhere, late nights, all this can take a toll. Amid so much activity it is important to maintain a bit of normalcy. This will help getting back into a school routine so much easier come the new year. 

Focus on gratitude and bonding and less on consumerism.

The holiday vacations can be built around family time and gratitude, rather than what gifts are under the Christmas tree. The importance of this focus will last way beyond the childhood years.

Give back.

Talk to your children about ways that they can give back to their community. Reflect on the importance of giving back rather than just receiving as well as the effect that one small act may have on another individual or a community. Some ideas are volunteering at shelters or community kitchens, volunteering their time at senior homes or hospitals, picking up litter in the community, babysitting younger children or other ideas that build a community. Another way to give back is to consciously commit acts of kindness. Be sure that your children understand that something so simple as being kind can truly change the world. Please take a look at our post on Veterans Day for more ideas on giving back.

Take the time to get to know your children.

Sit down with your children and ask them about their interests, motivations, and concerns. Comprehending our youth is crucial to understand what drives them and in turn, helps maximize their capabilities. For more ideas on maximizing our children’s capabilities take a look at our post on Empowering Kids. 

What tips from the National Math Bee Holiday Survival Guide will you apply at home? What ideas can you share that can help us all survive the holidays?

Happy Learning,

Cristina Pereira

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Don’t forget to register for the 2020 tournament!

The National Math Bee’s math game Batter Up is a fun, exciting and extremely effective tool to help elementary students achieve extraordinary levels of speed and accuracy with their math skills. The online math tournament is directed at students in first through sixth grade who can compete in any or all of the four basic math categories: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Registration is up and ongoing for the coming 2020 tournament which kicks off on January 6, if you haven’t already, please be sure to take the time to sign up. We now have over 800 players ready to take a swing at Batter Up. We are so excited for what is to come this following year and cannot wait to see who will take home certificates in 2020 as well as Buzz Bee recognitions for most innings played!

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