National Author’s Day
Celebrate amazing authors

National Author’s Day

Authors of influence

Where would we be without Shakespeare, Hemingway, Austin, Dickenson, Melville and so many more?

We all have our favorite genre, author, series, and style. But one thing is true and I think we can all agree about a good book, it’s easy to settle into. For a moment, our imaginations are captivated and we are launched into another realm. A steamy romance, a heart-wrenching experience, a revelation about our own lives … whatever the case be, a good book is capable of that.

A big thank-you.

Authors have an extraordinary gift and bravery. They find the words to say, express and explain so many things that many ordinary and even extraordinary people are just not capable of or have no idea how to. We must give them thanks for what they do. We’ve been blessed with so many stories from all walks of life to help us cope with and see the value of our own experiences. They teach us lessons and provide us a peak into other universes. So from the bottom of my heart, thank-you.

In appreciation for National Author’s Day on November 1, here at CompuSage we wanted to share with you a list of amazing books. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. #ad

The Classics

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