Kindness Everyday
Kindness Everyday

Kindness Everyday

World Kindness Day has just passed. What better way to instill humanity’s strongest and most necessary trait than to dedicate an entire day to it. Kindness everyday.

What is more powerful and contagious than kindness?

kindness everyday
Let’s consciously show kindness everyday

How different would this unforgiving world be if we were intentionally kinder, more compassionate and considerate of another? How about if we were kinder to ourselves and more considerate to our precious earth? Absolutely, we would be less concerned about the future that we are leaving for our students and children.

National Math Bee’s belief in the strength of kindness and integral growth

At National Math Bee, we truly believe in the strength of kindness and the power of one small yet never insignificant act. We also believe in the importance of integral growth as an imperative part of any educational program. We are convinced that kindness is the most important foundation for this.

It requires a conscious effort

Kindness needs practice and nurture. Even as adults we must consciously keep practicing kindness toward others and most importantly consciously and purposefully being kind to ourselves. As educators and parents, we must also be sure to deliberately teach kindness to our young ones. 

Let’s make every day a day to be consciously kinder

On November 13th, world kindness day, and every day for that matter, we invite you to set apart a moment to talk about kindness and highlight the importance of being a kind human as well as invite your students/ children to commit one purposeful act of kindness.

We are excited to share a few worksheets from our friends at Child Safety and Abuse Prevention Programs that can help start the conversation on kindness at home or in the classroom.

Watering people with kindness           
Different ways of sharing               kindness pdf
Saving a starfish                       Kindness PDF

Kindness ideas

“World Kindness Day is the perfect time to practice kindness, whether it’s toward family members, friends, co-workers, or strangers.” (Positive Psychology) Below a few simple kindness ideas from our dear friends at Random Acts of Kindness

  • Text someone good morning or good night
  • Have a kindness coloring contest, drawing examples of what kindness means to them.
  • Send an encouraging email to boost someone’s spirits.
  • Use the entire piece of paper when you write on it.
  • Start a piggy bank for a cause.
  • Plant a tree. Make a difference in your environment.
  • Make a handmade card.
  • Organize a cleanup party. Let’s take responsibility for our earth.
  • Befriend the new kid.
  • Write positive sticky notes that can brighten up someone’s day.

Random Acts of Kindness also offers Kindness in the classroom curriculum designed to help schools incorporate a culture of kindness. Please click the hyperlink above to take a look, we know you won’t be disappointed!

Books on Kindness

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