Kicking it up a notch with the International Math Bee!

Kicking it up a notch with the International Math Bee!

Since 2006, the National Math Bee has provided free play, practice & learning to thousands of elementary school students. This year (2021) IMB is officially going international! After 14 years of National Math Bee fun, we’ve taken it to another level. The International Math Bee (IMB) is here! International students have joined in on the US National Math Bee from over 14 additional countries in previous years. This year we have added a fifth and final round dedicated to teams competing on an international basis

How does it work for the students in the classroom? Teachers set up teams of 3-5 students Students from each team log into their individual accounts and play games of Batter Up. Team batting averages are calculated based on the combined data of each individual player on the team Video clip 13

An integrated learning platform. Batter Up is the computerized version of a cardboard game designed to help students practice their math facts. Hosted on our integrated learning platform, Batter Up is an excellent tool for primary students and has proven, without a doubt, to help students with speed and accuracy. Video clip 26 The teacher area is an integral part of the platform where teachers can manage their students, teams, and track students’ progress.

A cost-free resource for schools! Schools can access the basic version of Batter Up free of charge, with no limit to the number of students who can participate. Schools can access enhanced features and options by obtaining donations and sponsorships. Video clip 27

Don’t miss out on the Math Bee fun! Register your classroom and students today! Access Batter Up try-outs as soon as October 1st Get a head start to fill your school’s account with donations in order to access additional reports, certificates, and more during this 2021 tournament season.

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