Have fun while playing Batter Up

Have fun while playing Batter Up

It’s the last week before the 2020 National Math Bee begins and we are ecstatic to share the news that over 1000 students will be participating in this year’s competition. It will be so interesting to see what schools take top places. Mostly we are excited to see how students improve drastically with their math skills meanwhile they have fun while playing Batter Up.

National Math Bee kicks off on January 6th!

The 2020 National Math Bee kicks off on January 6 at 8 a.m. CST. Practice ends on January 4 and Batter Up will be on hold until the tournament begins. Please remember, the more your children play, the better they will get at Batter Up and math! Consistency and repetition are fundamental to learning!

National Math Bee dates

School Phase 01.06.2020 to 02.29.2020

State Phase 03.01.2020 to 04.30.2020

National Phase 05.01.2020 to 05.20.2020

Batter Up benefits everyone who consistently plays

This year’s competition will run a bit shorter than the previous year’s layout. This ensures that the competition will be much more exciting and fast-paced as the National Phase will last only 20 days. Time goes by so quickly, and before we know it we will have our National Math Bee champions as well as certificate winners in all the specific categories. Everyone who plays will benefit from this exciting fast-paced math facts game. Batter Up is guaranteed to help elementary students achieve extraordinary levels of speed and accuracy with their math skills in the four basic Math categories.

Buzz Bee recommendations for Batter Up.


Make Batter Up a part of your daily routine

We recommend that you help your children set a time every day where they can play Batter Up uninterrupted from other disturbances. Making Batter Up a part of their daily routine will assure that they benefit the most from the game and effectively hone in on their math skills. Memorizing basic facts can have a significantly positive impact on more complex, higher-level performance. The better the memorization of math facts, the easier math will be later in life, at higher levels. It’s a fact! We’ve seen it with thousands of kids!


Allow your children the space to submerge themselves in the dynamic world of Batter Up

Please make sure your computer is connected to a power source and allow your children to submerge themselves in the dynamic world of Batter Up. The quicker their speed and accuracy, the more demanding the game will be. 


Talk to you children regarding their feelings about math

Talk to your child about how they feel about the game, and where they believe they can improve their math skills. Encourage your children to play in those areas where they feel most difficulties as well as the areas that they least enjoy, and to do it continuously. Enjoy together how they quickly improve and learn to love math! Please be sure to share your thoughts with us, we love hearing from you!


Have fun while playing Batter Up!

Finally, have fun! National Math Bee’s purpose for Batter Up is to incorporate learning with fun, so please don’t take it all too seriously. Any chance for learning is a chance to grow closer together.

Let’s keep growing together,  

Happy Learning,

Buzz Bee


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