Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

IMB Frequently asked questions

Buzz Bee answers your questions about the International Math Bee tournament. If you don’t find the answer to your question here or you need a more specific answer, feel free to email us at Buzz@InternationalMathBee.Org.

The International Math Bee is an online math tournament where students from grades 1st through 6th compete in any or all of the four basic math categories.

International Math Bee (IMB)

Tournament Phases

Classroom: January 4th – February 6th, 2020.

School: February 7th – March 6th, 2021

State: March 7th – March 27th, 2021

National: March 28 – April 10th, 2021

International: May 10th – May 14th, 2021


Registration opens in October and continues through the January 7, 2021

Classroom Phase Deadline – Teachers must have their students registered by January 7, 2020, to participate in the Classroom Phase of the IMB tournament. 

Overall Registration Deadline – Teachers who did not meet the classroom deadline but wish to have a team(s) participate in the IMB must register all students and teams by February 12, 2021. This is the final opportunity to register for the tournament. To move into the tournament’s State phase, teams must have played through at least ten full games before the end of the School phase and show a calculated team batting average. 


The National Math Bee is powered by BatterUp, a research-based math game created by an actual classroom teacher. The software is the web-based version of a board game initially used in a classroom setting. Batter Up was further developed by and continues to be distributed by CompuSage, a company dedicated to developing and distributing software for use in primary, secondary, and graduate-level education. The network design has received national honors from the Network Professional Association for most innovative networking implementation.
The game begins by pitching a math problem at the home baseline. The student responds as quickly as possible. The score is based both on speed and accuracy. The questions are generated at random through a carefully studied algorithm that meets the minimum common core standards of mathematics in the USA, in each of the four math categories.

The main objectives of the Batter Up game and the National Math Bee Tournament are to:
-Increase students speed and accuracy in the four main math categories (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) based on the cognitive load theory
-Students enhance their memory and develop the ability to recognize mathematical patterns switching between modes to find solutions quickly.
-Students can process information at higher levels.

The IMB is open to schools worldwide.

Yes. The 2021 IMB tournament registration is open. Teachers and parents must create a new account and add their students. A bulk upload is available to register all students immediately.

No. Only one Batter Up account per student is permitted at any given time.

The IMB is team-based. No single particpant will be ranked within the tournament. Teams are ranked within the tournament.

Parents or clubs with students who are not registered with their school can enroll their students following the same steps as a teacher. It is important to remember that students should only have one BatterUp account at any given time.


The 2021 International Math Bee tournament is 100% team-based. All students can still play the game Batter Up and see their score and rank against other individuals, non-officially. However, the contest is team-based as of 2021. Scores from each team member’s individual games are combined to calculate a team Batting Average, which is used to rank the teams within the tournament. 

 To be apart of the official tournament, your child who is not participating with their school will need to recruit at least three students to form a team. Single participants will not be able to place within the tournament. 

Does your child have two to four friends who would be interested in doing the online tournament together? The minimum number on a team to participate is three, and the max is five. If so, you can form your own “school” by 👉🏻 Clicking here to add your school 👈🏻 to our database. Once you’ve added your home school name, register yourself as a teacher , and choose the home school you added to your database. Once you log into your new teacher account, there are instructions on adding your students and putting them into teams. 

Students should actively participate in each/any of the phases.

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