Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

IMB Frequently Asked Questions - International Math Bee

Buzz Bee answers your questions about the International Math Bee competitions for 2021. If you don’t find the answer to your question here or you need a more specific answer, please email us at Buzz@InternationalMathBee.Org.

The International Math Bee is a Non-Profit organization that offers its online math tool, Batter Up, to students in 1st through 6th grade. Each year the IMB hosts online math competitions. 

The IMB competitions are powered by BatterUp, a research-based PC math game developed by an actual classroom teacher and initially used in a classroom setting. BatterUp is baseball-themed ⚾, with scores and rankings based on both the speed and accuracy of responses.


First Grade : ➕ and ➖
Second Grade: ➕ and ➖
Third Grade: ➕, ➖, ✖️, and ➗.
Fourth Grade: ➕, ➖, ✖️, and ➗.
Fifth Grade: ➕, ➖, ✖️, and ➗.
Sixth Grade: ➕, ➖, ✖️, and ➗.

The International Math Bee’s math game Batter Up ⚾️ is a fun, exciting, and handy tool to help elementary students achieve extraordinary levels of speed and accuracy with their math skills. 

Students choose the math mode they want to practice. Math facts between 1 and 💯 are pitched to the player. As players answer the facts accurately and faster, they will move up through four different leagues and be pitched more difficult math facts.

⚾ Leagues establish the batting average range your student can reach.

⚾Little League
⚾Minor League
⚾Major League
⚾Hall of Fame

To learn more on how student batting averages are calculated in Batter Up, check out our post on Batter Up Batting Average

⚾️ ➕➖ Try BatterUp Demo Today ✖️➗

All elementary schools, and student in the USA and around the world are able to access our tool Batter Up free of charge!

The main objectives of the Batter Up game and the International Math Bee  are to:

-Increase students’ speed and accuracy in the four main math categories (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
-Enhancement of memory and develop the ability to recognize mathematical patterns switching between modes to find solutions quickly.
-When students achieve automaticity of math facts, they can process information at higher levels. It frees them to learn new things and solve new problems, and not only just in math.

Registration Recommendations

5.2 Classroom Phase Recommendation – Teachers should have their students registered by January 7, 2021, to participate in the Classroom Phase of the IMB tournament.

5.3 Overall Registration Recommendation  -Teachers who did not meet the
classroom deadline but wish to have a team(s) participate in the IMB should
register all students and teams by February 12, 2021.

Read the 2021 Official Tournament rules. 

Yes. The 2021 IMB tournament registration is open. Teachers and parents must create a new account and add their students. A bulk upload is available to register all students immediately.

No. Only one Batter Up account per student is permitted at any given time.

The IMBT (Tournament) is team-based. No single particpant will be ranked within the tournament. Teams are ranked within the tournament.

Parents or clubs with students who are not registered with their school can enroll their student in the IMBIC (Individual Competition) following the same steps as a teacher. It is important to remember that students should only have one BatterUp account at any given time.


To register a student for the individual competition, your parent should visit and set up a parent account. Parents register the same way teachers do. 

 The first thing you do is type in your zip code, not choose a state. Type in your zip code and select your child’s school. If your child’s school is not on the list, there is a link to add it. You want to select the school even though you are registering your child for the individual competition to be sure that in the case that any other individual student from that same school registers, all those students compete against one another during the school phase. If your child is the only student from their school registered, they may not compete against another student until the tournament’s state phase.

Once you are logged in to your parent account, click the classroom tab and you can add a classroom, then click the students’ tab and add a student by choosing the classroom you created and filling in ALL the information fields. When all the fields are filled out, click the green plus sign on the left and your student account will be created. You can ignore the team tab as your child will not be participating in the team-based tournament.

Your child can log in and start practicing Batter Up with their username and password.

If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to email us at

Does your child have two to four friends who would be interested in doing the online tournament together?

The minimum number on a team to participate is three, and the max is five. If so, you can form your own “school” by 👉🏻
Clicking here to add your school 👈🏻 to our database. Once you’ve added your home school name, register yourself as a teacher , and choose the home school you added to your database. Once you log into your new teacher account, there are instructions on adding your students and putting them into teams. 

Students should actively participate in each/any of the phases.

NO!!!! Once you have your teacher account created, login and there are instructions on welcome page on how to register.  Use our easy bulk upload to get all your students registered at once!!!

What to do after the teacher registers?

Instructions show up in the teacher platform and each tab has guides to help you get your classroom and students accounts set up!
Add your classroom(s).
Upload your students using the bulk upload of a CSV list of your students and their information.
Create teams and assign students to teams (3-5 students each team)
Tracking your students improvement and progress!

Hand out the student usernames and passwords and you they are ready to go! 

Students can login and start playing batter up immediately. 

No. Batter Up and the International Math Bee offers their basic platform and entrance to the competitions free of charge. 

For teachers to access enhanced reporting and tracking features as well as certificates, they can do so by soliciting sponsors. 

Sponsorships and donations allow teachers to access and download enhanced reports and track student progress, and access and print off personalized certificates for their students at any time during the tournament.

We’ve integrated a super simple way to solicit sponsorship from local businesses in your area right from our website. Log in and click the SCHOOLS SELECT A SPONSOR TAB type in your zip code, check off the companies you’d like to send an automated sponsorship invitation to, and hitting send!

⚾The International Math Bee is offering two separate competitions in 2021! 🐝


The International Math Bee tournament is a TEAM-BASED competition. Schools register their classrooms and group students into teams of 3-5 participants. Teams compete for the highest batting average from the classroom level through the international level.

*We certainly do not want to discriminate against any child whose school or home-school group doesn’t wish to participate. Quite the opposite, we encourage home-school parents and parents with students wanting to join the team-based tournament without their schools to do so by forming a small team of 3-5 students from the same grade! If forming a team is impossible, your child can join the IMBIC. 👇

This is a separate competition for students unable to form a team! The Individual Competition runs on the same schedule as the IMB Tournament. Individuals will play Batter Up for the highest individual batting average and will be ranked against other individuals not assigned to a team.

More information on the two competitions check out our post on this years competitions 👉🏼 here


1️⃣ Jan 4, 2021 – Feb 6
Classroom phase: teams from within the same classroom compete against one another.

2️⃣Feb 7 – Mar 6
School phase: teams from within the same school compete against one another.

3️⃣ Mar 7 – Mar 27
State phase: teams across their state compete against one another.

4️⃣ Mar 28 – Apr 10
National phase: teams from across the USA/country compete against one another.

5️⃣May 10 – May 14
International phase: teams from across the globe compete against one another.



1️⃣Jan 4 – Mar 6
School phase: students from within the same school compete against one another.

2️⃣Mar 7 – Mar 27
State phase: students across their state compete against one another.

3️⃣ Mar 28 – Apr 10
National phase: students from across the USA/country compete against one another.

4️⃣May 10 – May 14
International phase: students from across the globe compete against one another.