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Summer Math Camp Information


Two-Step Registration Process - Summer Math Camp

Head over to our Summer Math Camp Registration page and scroll down to where it says ” Summer Math Camp Registration Form for Parents.”



Type in your zip code and see if your child’s school comes up in the dropdown list. If you do not see your child’s school listed, CLICK HERE to add it. Once you fill out the form to add the school, it will take up to 72 hours to be recorded in our database before you can go back to the registration form and add your information.


If you do see your school in the dropdown – choose it and fill in any missing information. Add the information you want to use for your parent account and submit the form. Once you submit the form, it will automatically log you into your account.

Click the green plus icon on the right-hand side of the page. The cells will highlight green once the green + icon is clicked. You can then start creating your child’s account for the summer camp. Once all the fields are filled in, CLICK THE GREEN PLUS SIGN again.


A box will pop up to pay the registration fee. You can pay via Paypal or Credit Card. 



IT IS VITAL THAT YOU DO NOT LEAVE THE PAYMENT SCREEN UNTIL IT RE-DIRECTS YOU BACK TO YOUR PARENT ACCOUNT. If you click out of the payment area before being redirected back to your parent portal, your child’s account will not property connect to your parent account. 

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